Is Elegant Themes Divi Worth It?

A lot of my audience is asking, is Divi worth it? I wish to take these opportunities to share a quick review on my experience toward Elegant Themes.

So before I dive into more detail, I should say that I have been using elegant themes before they even created or had the divi theme. So I remember being so excited about the divi theme.

When Divi came out and thinking it was going to be the biggest revolutionary game changer there is for WordPress in terms of themes and building websites go and in reality; When I look back, it was just a complete game changer for WordPress and How builders have been formed today; I am proud to being a Divi user.

So in this review, I’ll be discussing if divi is worth it, and if you decide to take a shot with it and try it out for yourself, you can find it here:

In the past, I would recommend all my audience and student try to use one builder only and it works out well when you do that and just try to master that one builder. But within here I wanted to go over a few things about divi and why it might be worth it for you to try out for yourself.

In my opinion, it’s completely worth it to get divi, and I say that for several reasons.

Layout Pack

One of them is that there’s all these layout packs, literally hundreds of layout packs. If you look at it says almost 1383 total layouts with all these pre-made layout packs here, the number is growing from time to time as Elegant Themes keep adding new pre-made template.

It makes it so easy to create websites quickly, especially for a variety of clients. So you literally can create a website for something like an author website, a handyman site, a real estate site, travel blog, and there’s so many that you can just do right off the bat.

So let’s say you want to do a wedding planner website. You literally can search it, there is 30+ layout and get an idea of what the site could look like literally after you install it.

In reality, I wish some other builders did a lot more of us made these pre-made layouts or starter sites to get people started quickly within the builders they have.

So if you wanted to, you can actually mix and match all this pages. So let’s say you don’t want all this seven layout for the wedding pre-made template, you can go and just choose the ones that you want; example, you don’t want a gallery page, but you want others like about us, contact us, services page. You can just choose the other, so it makes it very easy to develop and create things quickly within divi.

Divi as a plugin

Another thing I should mention is it actually comes with either a plug-in or the theme builder, so you can use it as a standalone plugin or you can use the divi theme itself and, depending on what you want to do, you might prefer to use one or the other, it’s really an option, that’s nice, to have

Extra Themes, Bloom and Monarch

Another thing is that within here you get other things like the Elegant Themes Extra Theme, the bloom plugin, email opt-in feature and the monarch, social media plugin as well.

So recently I did a video on the bloom, email opt-in plugin and it’s a great way to capture emails, and you can see the simplicity of how they made it within that video. Checkout my Youtube Channel.

Well, these things alone can be worth a lot of money if you go over the pricing, one of the big things here is that there is an option for a one-time lifetime access payment.

Why I say worth it? With that payment of $249, If you make a website for somebody and let’s say you pay $249, if you make one website for somebody, you should be charging more than the 249 dollars. It costs you for the lifetime access, so if you just literally make one website, that makes it worth it, in my opinion, and if you make a website for yourself and you never have to keep paying for themes, renewals and things like yearly fees.

I feel like this makes a stand apart from other builders out there, and it makes it so much more valuable when you have the option to get the divi lifetime access for this cheap.

Now, in terms of the actual builder and how it is to use, you can actually go into the live demo and check it out for yourself, but it’s very easy to use their builder. In my opinion, it’s the one that i’m actually the most comfortable with. Even though I’ve used other builders as well because I’ve been using it for years.

Checkout this video on the latest Divi 4.0

From the video, it shows you how easy it is to just navigate and make changes quickly to a template if you have one set up similar to this one here.

Another thing I wanted to mention is if you look at the support it says, you can talk to live chat support in Elegant themes website, yet within the actual account when you log into divi dashboard, there is a forum area and other ways that you can get support as well As a lot of documentation online outside of what they have on elegant theme website, so there’s so much documentation because it’s a popular builder and theme and it helps you get answers quickly.

If you get into some trouble or stuck on something and you need support, there’s the forum, there’s live chat and there’s lots of other resources.

Well that makes it very valuable from a support perspective in reality, there’s just so much value brought into the divi product that I think it’s a no-brainer to pick it up.

If you can afford it and there’s literally a money-back guarantee period. So you have nothing to risk in terms of that for the onetime fee, if you just sell one website again, it pays for itself for a lifetime access and you’re going to get updates and support for a lifetime with that onetime purchase.

I really hope this divi review helped you out if you’re on the fence about divi. In my opinion the pros far outweigh any of the cons. If you use my link, I greatly appreciate that again.

I am a Digital Marketing Trainer in Penang, Malaysia,I blog at

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