Frequently Asked Questions About Adoption

Life doesn’t always go according to plans. Sometimes unplanned pregnancies can leave birth mothers with a very difficult decision. Putting their child for adoption. While it can be an excruciatingly hard choice for birth mothers, adoption is most often a wonderful and selfless option for those who understand that their babies deserve a family that’s better than what they’ll be able to provide.

On the other hand, the comforting and heartening news is that, for each unplanned pregnancy, there’s a loving family with eager open arms. Through adoption, these families are given the chance to receive a child that needs care, love, and a happy environment to grow and learn. Becoming adoptive parents makes a world of difference in a child’s life.

Adoption is a life-changing and lifelong journey for every member of the adoption triad birth parent, adopted child, and adoptive parents. This legal transfer of parental rights, gives children the nurturance, stability, and love they need, as well as encourages their opportunity to become productive and healthy adults. Here are some frequently asked questions about adoption:

Where do I start?

The very first step is educating yourself about everything that has to do with adoption. This will help you assess your readiness for the process, and ensure that you’re not only making the right decision, but also be able to provide what will be required of you. The Children’s Bureau is a good source to have comprehensive information about adoption and general information on starting the process.

Requirements for potential adoptive parents will vary according to adoption type and the agency involved. If you’re adopting through an agency, several agencies have age limits for the potential adoptive parents for adopting infants. The birth parent may also select younger parents in the case of independent adoptions that are arranged without any agency involvement.

Where do I get help with the costs of adoption?

There are several options for making the adoption costs affordable. The Child Welfare Information Gateway website provides comprehensive information on every type of adoption, including information on the funding options that prospective adoptive parents can resort to. There is a collection of materials providing overview on the costs involved in adopting, as well as the sources for financial assistance.

Who qualifies for adoption assistance?

A number of children who are adopted from foster care and meets the state’s definition of special needs, will be eligible for State or Federal adoption assistance in order to reduce the financial hindrances of adoption. The program for State adoption assistance provides medical services and financial support to children with special needs who don’t qualify for Federal adoption assistance programs. A child must fit the special needs definition of their state in order to qualify for the State programs.

What postadoption services are available?

Postadoption services are the services given after the child has been placed for adoption or after the adoption has been finalized. The services provide support for adoptive families, and can help lessen the possibilities of adoption dissolution or disruption. Because adoption is ruled by State policy and low, the kind of postadoption services that will be available will vary from state to state. The website on Child Welfare Information Gateway provides complete information on postadoption services from state to state.

How do I choose the agency?

With numerous adoption agencies today, it’s hard to know which ones you can trust and which one to choose. There are lots of factors to consider when selecting the agency to avoid possible red flags. It’s always wise to choose an agency that you’re comfortable with, and then look at their children available for adoption. Ask as many questions as you can. Find out how long the agency has operated. You can also talk to other parents who have adopted to get some recommendations.

Adoption has been a wonderful tool for many children to not only have a family, but be provided with the love, care, and the happy environment they need. Are you thinking of adopting? Remember, there are no unwanted children, just unfound families, find yours through adoption.


If you still not sure the detail, you may always consult your local law authority or child adoption lawyer for more information. Remember, children are innocent, if you afford, do give them a good life.

My name is Calvyn Lee, a Digital Marketing Trainer, a husband and also a father of 2.

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