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Running a business is hard work, but getting paid shouldn’t be. In a perfect world, creating and collecting invoices never takes more than a few clicks, paying out your team is as simple as hitting a button, and taxes for both are calculated without any extra effort. Not to mention, all of this happens in one tool. Doesn’t that sound nice? We’re like to bring this utopia in this product introduction.


Well, I cannot wait to tell you about Deskera, a true all-in-one online business software for small business owners that simplifies invoicing, accounting, payroll, and your CRM. The suite is divided up into three sections: Deskera Books, Deskera Sales, and Deskera People. Let’s dive into the first one, Deskera Books, which launches a dashboard that tracks your sales and purchases, profits and loss summary, and various trend analytics.

Over on the left, you’ll see the menu to navigate between the various modules, like sell, buy, and many more. Let’s take a closer look at the Buy tab, where you can create a new order in seconds. Go ahead and add your line items, create custom fields, and select your currency. I imagine you’ll also make some money too. Over in the Sell tab, you can create new quotes and invoices just as easily. For example, with a quote, you can select your contact, enter line items, and apply discounts as a dollar amount or percentage. After saving the quote, converting into an invoice or auto-fulfilling the order is done in one-click. When you go with auto-fulfill, you’ve got three options based on whether you want to fulfill this quote within the quote itself, within the warehouse module of Deskera, or 3rd party logistics.

Plus, you can get paid directly through the platform itself, and all of these transactions are recorded in the Accounting tab. Next up, we’re going to dive into the Deskera Sales portal. You’ve got at-a-glance analytics including deals won and deals lost, deals vs. contacts, and a contacts report. Let’s take a closer look at the deal. Here, you will find all of the important details about the deal, as well as all email correspondence, notes, and activities like a call, meeting, task, deadline, email, etcetera, etcetera… You can even send an email through Deskera once you’re connected to Gmail or IMAP. When you’re looking to retain your customers, Deskera’s self-help sites and knowledge bases are a must have. Thanks to preconfigured templates, it’s a quick setup.

Your support site will be up and running in minutes with no coding required. You can also connect your support email with the helpdesk to communicate with all of your customers. Real quick, let me show you Deskera People, which is where you can create a pay run and pay out your peeps. Processing payroll is done in just a few clicks, and you can review all of the numbers at a glance to verify that everything is correct.

This one-stop-shop is a game changer for your business. Take the work out of running a business by managing your books, sales, and people all in one place with Deskera. Check out this offer here

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