Digital marketing is basically the part of online marketing, which uses digital technologies like mobile phones, computer networks and other digital platforms and technologies to promote services and products. Unlike traditional marketing strategies, digital marketing enables a business to reach a lot of people at one time. It is also cost effective, as the platforms are generally free or very cheap. These days, it has become very important for every business to create an online presence, as this helps in generating leads and customers. …

Email marketing is one of the best ways to connect with customers and reach out to prospects with information that will catch their interest. It allows you to build and increase awareness around your brand and product, conduct lead generation, and begin or continue conversations with people who might be interested in your product. Additionally, email marketing is measurable. While the ultimate success metric for any type of marketing is purchase, B2B email marketing provides multiple lenses through which you can measure improvement and success as you nurture prospects along the way.

Common types of business to business email marketing

For most businesses, creating and maintaining a social media presence has an exceptional benefit — that of generating leads.

But let’s start at the beginning; In order to turn social media into effective lead generation tools, you first need to generate an audience, example:

  • Fans for your Facebook business page
  • Followers for your Twitter account
  • Followers for your Instagram account,
  • Company page on LinkedIn
  • YouTube Channel
  • TikTok Channel
  • Xing
  • Pintest
  • VK
  • Reddit
  • Snapchat
  • and even WhatsApp business account

9 methods to increase your reach on social media network

Once you have all this social media network, you may follow this 9 method to increase reach.

1 — Optimize your profile…

Business owners will often hear about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and how it is one of the most important marketing techniques a business can use as it looks to make a mark in the niche. See MOZ for a beginner’s guide to SEO

Well, there are many reasons for its importance, and it’s best to understand this as soon as possible why SEO important for business.

Here are some of the key reasons for why SEO is a must and should be used as a marketing tactic while pursuing new leads.

1) Higher Conversion Rate

The conversion rate you are…

When we specs in power injector for Cisco Meraki’s access point, we might come across 2 types of power Injector, what the different between MA-INJ-4-UK vs MA-INJ-5-UK? If you remember my earlier post “ AIR-PWRINJ5= vs AIR-PWRINJ6= “, this one has not much different from power rating, both support maximum power output of 30 watts, yet MA-INJ-4-UK have input current 0.8A and MA-INJ-5-UK have input current of 1.5A.

Note that this also applicable toward MA-INJ-4-US vs MA-INJ-5-US (US’s power plug), MA-INJ-4-EU vs MA-INJ-5-EU (EU’s power plug), MA-INJ-4-AU vs MA-INJ-5-AU (AU’s power plug).

Differences Between Cisco Meraki Power Injector MA-INJ-4-UK vs MA-INJ-5-UK

In fact, MA-INJ-4-UK is for Cisco Meraki Access…

Do you have big dreams for your business, like offering a membership service or including guest posting or event registration, but lack the complex coding knowledge you need to make those dreams a reality? Well, the people at WordPress hear your struggle, so they’re offering up a plugin that’ll fulfil all your frontend needs of a website without any coding whatsoever in today’s product showcase. Today we are talking about WP User Frontend Pro, a frontend dashboard, editor, and uploader for WordPress to create user profiles, post submissions, memberships, and more in just a few clicks and without any coding.

You’ve probably noticed my previous articles, 5 tips to have a great coffee at home, you know that coffee freshness does matters. But are you wondering why it really matters with coffee when come to freshness?

Coffee is actually a fruit, and when in its raw form, before roasting, it can store for months, even years!

However, as soon as coffee beans are roasted they’re brought to life — just like fresh bread out of an oven. This is when the staling process begins, and over the coming days the aroma and flavor fades.

Sure, air tight bags and containers…

For those who run a business or other business with local affiliation, rather than on a nationwide or international basis, it is wise to work with local SEO on their site (or local search engine optimization, as it is also called, refer to one of my earlier articles What is localization SEO)

The ultimate goal of the optimizer is, of course, to end up as high as possible on all searches with local connection and value, for the products and services that are provided. …

Now that you’ve taken the first step to great coffee at home by getting freshly roasted coffee, here’s a few other simple tips to help you make your home or office brew experience even more special!

1. Brew with love and care
So much hard work and love has gone into the coffee that arrives in your mailbox — from the amazing farmers who toil their land, to our rigorous ‘cupping’ selection process, to lovingly hand-roasting your beans, carefully custom grinding and packing them, and finally to our friends at your local courier who get it into your mailbox. …

As a Digital Marketing Trainer, I used to conduct online course and training video recording; during my recording, my background does not properly decorate, either at my own living room, bedroom somehow I record my video at the dining room.

To have a proper or professional recording, we usually think about green screen, to have such setup is difficult except you have a proper place and all the video recording equipment. …

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